Dogs Anal Glands Have to Function at Optimal Levels For a Happy and Comfortable Dog

When you hear about dogs anal glands, the first thing that comes to mind is smell. The anal glands produce a fluid with a distinctive odor. If the anal glands are healthy, the glands empty this fluid during the bowel movement. However, at times the anal glands malfunction. They are unable to empty the fluid in the bowel movement and there is the foul smell.

The malfunction of the anal glands could be due to inherited abnormalities in your pet or even due to bowel related problems. And at times dogs adopted from rescue organizations may have unknowingly damaged their anal tissue at some point. Any of these problems lead to impacted anal glands

What Exactly are Dogs Anal Glands

  • Your dog has the anal glands in the posterior, they are also known as anal sacs
  • The anal glands are located on both sides, slightly below the anus.
  • They anal gland produces a fluid that is routinely emptied during bowel movement
  • The fluid had an odor that is a distinctive identifier for each dog when it is in the presence of other dogs. Other dogs can identify the approximate age and gender of a dog based on the odor.

What Happens When Dogs Anal Glands Malfunction

The glands will not be able to empty the fluid properly during bowel movement, and the retention has serious complications. The impacted anal glands have direct consequences for the bowel. The bowel movement becomes painful and difficult. The dog goes through a lot of discomfort. It can also lead to infection or abscess and a lot of pain.

Dog Anal Glands Treatment

  • Take your pet to the vet
  • The vet will treat your dog for the impacted anal glands
  • The fluid has to be manually removed and there is a foul smell that goes with the process
  • Unfortunately, the manual removal of fluid may become a recurring requirement for your dog because of the malfunction.
  • If there are repeated problems and infections, you should consider getting the anal glands removed surgically

Prevention of bowel problems

A high fiber diet may help ease bowel movement because stools will be bulkier and easier to pass