Golden Retriever Life Span is Declining But Can This Be Reversed?

On an average, Golden Retriever life span is around 11 years but can extend up to 16 years depending on the health of the dog and quality of regular care provided by its owners. Most experts will agree that the life expectancy of Golden Retrievers used to be closer to 16 years, up until a few decades back, but it now stands at around 10-12 years mainly due to the high incidence of cancer in these dogs. This is of course an extremely distressing trend for pet owners.

Danger age-zone: The possibility of cancer developing starts when the dog is around 8 years old. This is the phase when the disease could first make an appearance. Vigilance by owners can lead to catching the disease in the initial stages and with immediate treatment your pet can possibly live out its natural life span.

Not all types of cancer are immediately fatal: There are many types of cancer that can be treated successfully. There are certain types of skin cancers that are not considered life threatening and the dog could live long despite the presence of the cancer.

Regular check ups pave the way for longer life span: It is an indisputable fact that regular check ups can detect the spread of cancer and proper treatment can most definitely prolong the life span of your pet. There are modern medicines and treatments that can serve as very effective deterrents against the return of the disease or the spread of the disease.

Cancer treatment is an ever improving area and scientists are making major breakthroughs whether it is in surgery methods, chemotherapy, methods of early detection, and in creating different treatments for different types of cancer. The latest development is the discovery of vaccines that can potentially fight most types of cancers, kill tumors, and even prevent the return of the disease.

These developments can only mean that at some point in the future, the golden retriever life span could hopefully once again go back to their normal levels.

golden retriever life span