Golden Retriever Skin Problems are Common but Your Vet can Bail you Out

Golden Retriever Skin problems and skin disorders are common and many. Most Goldens have to put up with some skin problem or the other during their life time and it is an inescapable fact of life for these dogs, as it is with most canines.


Itching is a red flag: Itching signals the presence of a parasite on your pet’s skin like a flea or mite. The Flea is one of the most common parasites that land up on your Golden. Fleas attach themselves to the skin of your dog and they survive by sucking blood. They lay eggs and gradually increase their presence on the skin surface. Many dogs react adversely to flea bites and scratch till the skin becomes sore and almost raw. If the itching that is caused by parasites is continual and untreated, it can cause open sores.

Mites trigger a Mange disorder: Hair loss and crusty skin is a sign of Golden Retriever Skin problems known as Mange. Mange is caused by mites that eat the debris on the surface of your dog’s skin. Mites will also munch away happily on the hair follicles of your pet leading to loss of fur. Mange is again a skin disorder that makes your dog’s skin feel incredible itchy.

Inflamed skin a ‘Hot Spot’ of bother: Hot spots are areas of your dog skin that become inflamed and the inflammation can lead to sores. Hot Spots can be caused by a whole host of irritants like chemicals, cleaning agents or medications that don’t agree with your dog’s skin including shampoos and garden products. Your golden is usually allergic to flea saliva and this can also lead to Hot spots that are difficult to get rid of but a trip to the vet will prove very beneficial in clearing your dog’s skin.

Thyroid could be the culprit for Golden Retriever Skin problems of crusty skin: Hypothyroidism is linked to the endocrine system of your dog and is caused by insufficient production of the thyroid hormone. This can lead to crusty skin and a scaly skin condition, in addition to certain other health problems like lethargy and weight gain.

Allergic dermatitis from just about anything: Your Golden can develop allergies and skin inflammation as a consequence of an allergic reaction to simple things like coming into contact with dust in your home, feathers or even pollen in the garden.

In all the above cases, do not neglect or delay a trip to your veterinarian. Your vet can give you the right advice. Timely advice is crucial to ensure that your Golden receives proper treatment and is free of the problem as quickly as possible.

More serious Golden Retriever Skin problems: There are certain types of skin cancers that your Golden is susceptible to and you have to be watchful if you notice any lumps on your dog’s skin. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can also cause skin cancer. Do not be tempted to shave your Golden’s outer fur because this will expose it directly to UV rays.