Top 5 Reasons the Golden Retriever is the Perfect Family Pet

The golden retriever can make great family pets, and for excellent reasons. If you are a parent and your 6 year old has been pestering you for a pet dog for the longest time, chances are that at some point you are probably going to give in and make the decision to bring a pet into your home. When looking for the perfect dog breed, odds are the golden has hit the top of your list several times.

1. Super Friendly Love Bugs: Goldens are really affectionate and gentle dogs. They absolute love being around people and almost never get too far away from their family.

  • They display genuine friendliness and an eagerness to please
  • These dogs happen to be truly good with kids, a factor that is very useful for families
  • Their loving care and helping nature will be at your disposal around the house and with your children.

If you choose a Golden Retriever, they are going to be a delight to have around, and your kids are bound to have whale of a time with their new companion whether it is on weekends, holidays or any other spare time.

2. Love to Learn New Tricks: Training a household pet can be pretty time consuming and difficult at times, often stretching on for several days. But with a Golden, training them is considered a breeze. They are -

  • Receptive
  • Intelligent
  • Quick learners
  • Remarkably eager to please

They are so easy to train that it will make your task in the initial weeks that much simpler.

3. Are not picky about where they live: Apartments, farms, large homes are all suitable for a golden as long as they get plenty of exercise on a daily basis. They will adapt easily and surprisingly quickly to their new home.

4. Golden and Beautiful: No discussion on the Golden is complete without talking about their luscious outer coat. But did you know that they actually have a double coat beneath the outer golden layer?

  • They have a gorgeous golden hued outer layer that looks simply beautiful.
  • hey also have an inner coat that is quite dense and keeps them warm

But it is of course the outer golden coat that is most talked about and one can go on waxing eloquent about this beautiful coat gifted to the Golden by Nature.

5. Will not pick fights with your other pets: If you have other pets in your home, then you don‘t have to worry because a Golden is an adjusting dog and will easily accept the presence of other animals in your home. They go by the principle of live and let live and will blend into their new home in no time at all.

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and you will start noticing these 5 wonderful traits in your pet very soon after you bring home a Golden.

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