Grooming Dogs is Less About Appearance and More about Care and Well Being of Your Pet

Grooming Dogs is more than just about a nice looking dog. Grooming is a many layered activity involving several aspects of dog care. It has significant connotations for the health, hygiene and well being of your dog.

The first thing you need to do is decide the purpose of grooming. Are you grooming your pet for general appearance and tidiness or are you grooming it for a professional dog show. Grooming takes on a different shape when it is required for the specific purpose of showing as in the case of show dogs.

When there is a performance or competition involved, the level of grooming becomes very detailed with close attention to every microscopic aspect of appearance. In such a scenario you might even want to take your pet to a professional groomer for some of its grooming needs.

Basic Tasks in Grooming Dogs at Home

  • bathing
  • brushing fur and caring for the coat
  • cleaning and drying ears
  • clipping nails
  • foot care
  • cutting or trimming fur
  • cleaning teeth

No Need to Groan, It Can be Fun: Grooming is a chore, no question about that. The task of grooming dogs often elicits a groan from owners and they tend to put it off since it is time consuming. Though it is not an easy exercise, there is a brighter side when you groom your pet yourself.

You get to spend time with your pet, bond with it and form a one on one connection. Once you get engrossed in your task, you will actually start enjoying the time spent with your pet. At the end of it all you have a nice smelling, clean and happy dog.

What Does Grooming Dogs Entail for You


You have to keep aside a few hours or spread out the various grooming needs of your pet over a couple of days


Handling a large heavy dog like a Golden Retriever is a bit of a challenge while bathing and grooming. There may also be some resistance to taking a bath.

Golden Retrievers enjoy being in the water and they love swimming but they may not display the same enthusiasm during bath times. You may have to cajole your pet and train it to get into the empty tub first. Use little food treats to reward compliance. Once your pet is comfortable, then you can give it a bath.


If you want to do a perfect job, then you have to be thorough and go through all the minutest grooming needs of your pet, including staring into the ears of your pet to check if they are clean and dry.


Just as people need a regular bath, need to clip their nails regularly, need to trim their hair or get a hair cut, need to clean their ears, and need to keep the hair shampooed and clean, such grooming needs exist in your pet as well. Since it cannot do any of these on its own, it becomes your responsibility.

The grooming sessions will go a long way in developing trust and closeness between you and your pet.


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